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Identifying the maker of an artwork by fingerprint examination

Dzemila Sero, now Migelien Gerritzen Fellow at the Rijksmuseum and former postdoc at the Centrum [...]

Generating clean electricity with chicken feathers

The food industry generates enormous amounts of waste and by-products, including from poultry production. Each [...]

Disinfection robot boosts sanitation at veterinary medical teaching hospital

Robots are increasingly becoming a part of everyday life. By some estimates, over 14 million [...]

Dancing delicacies: Combining food and tech for interactive dining

A new Monash University project programs food to “dance” across platters, providing playful and interactive [...]

Researchers unveil tool to help developers create augmented reality task assistants

Augmented reality (AR) technology has long fascinated both the scientific community and the general public, [...]

Virtual reality can help emergency services navigate the complexities of real-life crises

The UK has experienced several terrorist attacks, from the 2005 London bombings, to the devastating [...]

The brain gets its own broadband: Electro-quasistatic fields enable broadband communication for brain implants

In recent years, engineers have been working to develop increasingly sophisticated devices that can help [...]

Generating small amounts of electricity by squeezing luffa sponges

A team of mechanical engineers at Beihang University, Peking University and the University of Houston [...]

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3D printing with coffee: Turning used grounds into caffeinated creations

Coffee can do a lot of things: Wake you up, warm you up and lessen [...]

AI-driven tool makes it easy to personalize 3D-printable models

As 3D printers have become cheaper and more widely accessible, novice makers within a rapidly [...]

Optimizing gesture recognition system design

Research published in the International Journal of the Digital Human reveals a new model for [...]

New physics-based self-learning machines could replace current artificial neural networks and save energy

Artificial intelligence not only affords impressive performance, but also creates significant demand for energy. The [...]

Displacement or complement? Researchers reveal mixed-bag responses in human interaction study with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all the rage lately in the public eye. How AI is [...]

MLB testing hands-free entry for fans utilizing facial authentication, AI security

Major League Baseball is testing facial authentication-based entry that would allow ticketed fans to walk [...]

Flying taxis star at Paris Air Show, next stop: the Olympics

Barely making a buzz, a two-seat helicopter powered by an electric battery landed softly on [...]

Machine learning helps researchers identify hit songs with 97% accuracy

Every day, tens of thousands of songs are released. This constant stream of options makes [...]

Team develops a faster, cheaper way to train large language models

A Stanford team has developed Sophia, a new way to optimize the pretraining of large [...]

New detector paves the way to large-scale optical neural networks

For the first time, researchers have used a surface normal nonlinear photodetector (SNPD) to improve [...]