Monthly Archives: August 2023

Flying taxis star at Paris Air Show, next stop: the Olympics

Barely making a buzz, a two-seat helicopter powered by an electric battery landed softly on the tarmac at the Paris Air Show after a 15-minute flight. Such futuristic “flying taxis” are among the star turns of this year’s aerospace industry event as they move closer to the day when they can be used by the […]

Machine learning helps researchers identify hit songs with 97% accuracy

Every day, tens of thousands of songs are released. This constant stream of options makes it difficult for streaming services and radio stations to choose which songs to add to playlists. To find the ones that will resonate with a large audience, these services have used human listeners and artificial intelligence. This approach, however, lingering […]

Team develops a faster, cheaper way to train large language models

A Stanford team has developed Sophia, a new way to optimize the pretraining of large language models that’s twice as fast as current approaches. ChatGPT and other applications that rely on large language models (LLMs) are gaining widespread use and drawing abundant media attention. But a handful of large tech companies dominate the LLM space […]

New detector paves the way to large-scale optical neural networks

For the first time, researchers have used a surface normal nonlinear photodetector (SNPD) to improve the speed and energy efficiency of a diffractive optical neural network (ONN). The new device lays the groundwork for large-scale ONNs, which can perform high-speed processing at the speed of light in an extremely energy efficient manner. Farshid Ashtiani from […]

Pluggable diffractive neural networks based on cascaded metasurfaces

Deep learning algorithms based on artificial neural networks are completely changing information processing methods in many scientific and engineering fields. Currently, it has been applied to many specific tasks, including image classification, image encryption, speech recognition, and language translation. However, With the rapid development of artificial intelligence algorithms, there is a huge contradiction between the […]

Japanese turn to wearable tech to beat the heat

Selling jackets with built-in fans, neck coolers and T-shirts that feel cold, Japanese firms are tapping into a growing market for products to help people handle the summer heat. Japan—like other countries—is seeing ever-hotter summers. This July was the warmest in 100 years, with at least 53 people dying of heatstroke and almost 50,000 needing […]

Unexploded ordnance is scattered across Ukraine’s front lines, so researchers are mapping hot spots with AI

Indiscriminate shelling along the front lines of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has seeded farm fields and towns with untold numbers of unexploded munitions. Now University of Maryland geographical sciences researchers are combining satellite imagery with deep learning, a form of artificial intelligence (AI), in hopes of preventing a deadly harvest. Their system has already mapped […]

Two rival robotaxi services win approval to operate throughout San Francisco despite safety concerns

California regulators on Thursday approved an expansion that will allow two rival robotaxi services to operate throughout San Francisco at all hours, despite safety worries spurred by recurring problems with unexpected stops and other erratic behavior that resulted in unmanned vehicles blocking traffic, including emergency vehicles. The state’s Public Utilities Commission voted to approve rival […]

Ghost-busting heat-assisted detection and ranging brings clarity to thermal imaging

It may not be too long before autonomous vehicles rule the roads. Despite a few widely reported mishaps, autonomous vehicles (AVs) are considered as safe or safer than human drivers in many respects. They’re equipped with radar-detection and 360-degree cameras that are not impacted by a poor night’s sleep, a cellphone call or texting. AVs […]

Driverless taxis gain ground in San Francisco

California authorities took a major step forward Thursday in expanding driverless taxi services in San Francisco, giving the green light for operators Waymo and Cruise to compete with ride-share services and cabs. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) heard six hours of public comment before voting three-to-one to let Waymo, a unit of Google-parent Alphabet, […]